All of the products sold on our Websites are made by MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA with care and passion.

First quality products are used during the manufacturing process and strict quality control checks are made regularly, therefore MIRTA guarantees that here products are free from any defect in the materials.

For those products which manifest defects MIRTA informs that a warranty of 24 months from the date of the delivery will ensure the purchaser “Consumer”.

In order to exercise the right of legal warranty the purchaser “consumer” shall notify via mail or with letter a/r MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA SRL the presence of the defect, under penalty of warranty’s loss, within 2 months from the detection of the defect, in any case not later than 24 months from the receipt of the purchased goods, sending the request with the receipt of purchased and at least one product’s defect photo attached.

If the purchased product presents a defect ensured by Legal Warranty, the consumer is entitled tohave the product replaced from the seller.

If the replacement of the product is not possible or prohibitively expensive, MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA is furthermore entitled to refund the user.

In such case in order to determinate the amount owed to the user or the price reduction to which the user is entitled, it is considered the use and the number of months during which the user has kept the product.

It shall be also noted that a defect whose entity is minor and for this the replace has been impossible or prohibitively expensive, does not entitle the user to receive a refund and/or terminate the contract.

Legal Warranty is a sole right of the Consumer, understood to be the purchaser of the products for not professional purposes. Otherwise, if the products are bought for a working activity (with VAT code) the Legal Warranty shall not apply.

The Warranty furthermore does not cover defects or flaws of the Product attributable to accidental incidents or improper or in any case a non-compliant use of the product itself.

Products whose refinements are a result of a special process, require higher care and attention when worn.

In the following cases the products won’t be considered covered by warranty: abrasion from normal use, as well as possible modifications on the product’s outer layer caused by impacts, falls, water contact, alcohol, soaps, cleaners, sanitizers and/or disinfectant, perfumes, oils, heat sources, microwaves, in such cases the company won’t proceed to refund the customer entirely or in part, or replace the products.