The right of withdrawal, pursuant the ways hereinafter indicated, can be solely exercised by the users that have the capacity of “Consumer” qualification. Therefore, users that buy through VAT or VIES remain excluded.

The customer consumer is entitled to withdraw from this purchase contract within and not later than 14 days from the day the consumer enters in possession of the goods (or the last purchased good if the contract is related to more than one product ordered in a single solution but shipped separately).

In order to activate the withdrawal process, the customer shall manifest the will to withdraw by notifying it via e-mail within the date term aforementioned to the following address:

For this procedure’s purposes the customer is recommended to fill the form that can be found in any of our Websites in the “withdrawals and returns” section.

The user is recommended to retain the receipt or the invoice as a proof of purchase, or the delivery documents in order to check the terms of time for the withdrawal.

In withdrawal cases MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA will refund the customer with the product’s price of purchase, other than the shipment’s costs. MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA will refund the customer within 30 working days from the day when the product will be delivered at MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA Srl’s registered office, at the following address:


VIA N.COPERNICO 16-16A 59011


For the purposes of the valid excercise of the withdrawal right, the Consumer shall send back to the above mentioned address the Product subject of the withdrawal, that shall be delivered in its entirety and inside its original packaging, with all the labels and seals. The product is packaged in transparent bag heat sealed, that permits to verify the features of the products itself: invoice, colour and material without need to open the sealed package.

Due to the fact that the products are bijoutery, that can be worn directly on the skin, for the withdrawal request, THE CUSTOMER SHALL NOTE THAT HE/SHE SHALL NOT WITHDRAW A PRODUCT WHOSE PACKAGING HAS BEEN OPENED AND/OR DOES NOT PRESENT THE SEAL.

The term of 14 days is intended to be respected if the products are shipped before the expiration of the above-mentioned term. Costs of withdraw are charged to the Consumer. At the time that

the product is delivered to the registered office, MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA will effectuate a verification in order to detect damages in the Product as well as verify the intactness of the packaging.

The non-accreditation of the User’s withdrawal’s right in the cases proviously described, implies the exclusion of the refund by MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA.