The new Mirta Collections have been designed to give to your outfit a special touch!

Perfect to be worn form morning to night, our 100% Made in Italy and nickel free bijoux represent today's woman in all of its nuances.

Each capsule in born with the idea of satisfying the tastes of female world bringing elegance, vivacity and colour!



For a color explosion

The MAY Collection of Mirta Bijoux is composed by a long necklace and a short double thread one, available in six colours variations. The two necklaces are in resin with metal Nickel free inserts and are expression of flightiness and elegance, given by the chains game linked together by a gold thread. The thread composes both of the necklaces and has a shiny and smooth,which is a characteristic of this capsule. Even the earrings are in brass and resin, over the metal model, all Nickel free.


Fashion Ice

To be a real Ice queen

Fashion Ice: A design which recalls the transparency of the ice and its charm. Fashion Ice is the perfect metaphor to strike, with discretion. The necklace in brass Nickel free with a double thread is a must have of the season. The gold and silver characterize the chain and brings out on the dangly earrings in transparent resin which recall the ice shape. This capsule is also composed by the earrings, always Nickel free and in transparent resin. Totally Nickel free



The Bonheurs collection - happiness, the good luck charm that you can bring always with you.

Enthusiasm and creativity contained in a jewel: Bonheurs cheers you up with its new colours: the bright red of the chilli with the flowers in five colours variations, with a little ball completing a necklace which doesn’t need any description. The earrings recall one of the necklace’s element: the leaning earrings Bonheurs, in a spherical shape, complete this capsule in an elegant way. A very versatile jewel, perfect for every look. Totally Nickel free



For the woman who wants to shine in the dark

Wind of change for this collection, creativity at pure state:Our mission will be make you shine. Disco is the capsule thought for make you shine in the dark. It is composed by a brass Nickel free chocker with dangly resin earrings with metal flected treatment, with opaque and glittery painting. To combine your jewel, you will find the dangly earrings in the same varieties of color and materials, totally Nickel free. The Disco collection is available in over of 6 varieties of colors.



Explore your wild soul

Thought to satisfy all of tastes, Luxury is literally the luxury collection: from the long brass necklace to the one in Nickel free with the viscous webs or natural horn dangly earrings, to the ones with the ivory circles available in two shades, each one with matching earrings and rings. For the most luxurious, Luxury provides other three types of necklace: collier with plain circles in black, with long necklace in ivory version and black one, and lastly one thread and multiple thread, available in gold and fumè. Have fun picking your favorite...give yourself the elegance!



Wear your luck

Wear your fortune with these red fire pendants: the capsules are made with long and short necklace, earrings and bracelet. The design of this line proposes a blaze of chillies on a silver thread, creating a perfect contrast. The necklaces, the bracelets and the earrings are in Nickel free brass and the pendants are metal painted. Totally Nickel free


Star Woman

Stars don't bright only in heaven

Star capsule composed by a ring, dangly earrings and necklace. The ring is composed by a polyester painted star and basis in brass Nickel free. The earrings are stars in polyester painted with brass Nickel free basis and the dangly ones in transparent resin with printed stars. The necklace is in brass Nickel free and the pendants in transparent resin with printed stars. You will finally find the necklace realized with a twisted string made with lamé silver and stars in painted polyester. A triumph of stars in three tonalities, which find its maximum expression in the collier. A composition that needs to be worn: because stars don't shine only in the sky! Find the signed stars Mirta BIJOUX.